Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I was told today that reading about the thirty days of nothing is getting old. I am guessing by the fewer comments that others out there concur.

Is it getting a little too tedious? Would you rather just read a once a week synopsis instead of a daily play by play?

I don't want to suddenly change course in the middle of this 30 Days, if you are still interested in reading about it. But no biggie if you aren't.

Feedback would be appreciated.


  1. I do think it's interesting to see what you've eaten for the day and how you're being frugal, but there's not too much to comment on.

    It's a challenge for yourself and writing about it helps keep you accountable. It's up to you how often you want to do it, but maybe throw in some other posts with a topic we can comment more on? (if more comments are what you are looking for).

    Ok, rereading this it sounds really rude, but I promise it's not meant to be! You know me, so I'm not going to worry about it... :)

    No matter what you decide, I'll still be popping in! :)

    oh, and I need to get back on the green smoothie bandwagon... I've hopped off for almost 2 months now. ugh.

  2. I like to see your play by play, but that may be because I am doing the 30 days deal too and I like the ideas for myself, selfish reasons prevail!

  3. I also like the play by play.

    And I also don't think your posts are too wordy.

  4. What happened to your pretty blue background? White is boring! I know where you can get some fabulous photos!

  5. I'm enjoying your daily posts. I'm not participating in the challenge, of course, but reading your responsible spending (and Brandy's) is inspiring and encouraging.

    PS - White is not boring. It is soothing, clean and it makes everything else pop off the page.

  6. You've inspired me to empty my cupboards before doing another big shop - thanks for that and I'm interested in what you guys are eating each day.

    Great job on the blog. Mine has also undergone a facelift and is now white too - isn't that weird? Maybe the time of the year?

  7. I like reading your play-by-play! I like other thoughts from you too though...maybe a sprinkling of both!
    I love the crispness of white, but I do miss your blue :)

  8. angela3:22 PM

    i haven't read in a few days, so i am quite enjoying reading all your posts about your 30 days.