Sunday, September 07, 2008


Week one went well. It was very enjoyable to make do with what was in my pantry, to have a plan for meals, and most importantly, to be more mindful of the blessing of abundant food, and being thankful. It is a good thing to be aware and that heightened awareness is something that I really appreciate about challenges such as these.

Here is a run down of Week One, as well as my menu for Week Two.

Money spent on Groceries: $76.52

Number of meals eaten at home: 18 out of 21 meals were eaten at home this week. 1 meal was eaten at my parents, and 2 were eaten at restaurants.

Number of Friends and family that came over for a meal: 11 people came over at various times during the week to share a meal with us. Several times this was a spontaneous, last minute thing, which was easy to do because I had a menu made out and always had something readily available to feed everyone. Having a menu really made hospitality easy. I need to file that for future reference.

Menu for Week Two:

1/2. Cereal
3. French Toast
4. Muffins
5/6. Green smoothies, toast
7. Eggs and toast

1/2. PB & J, apples
3. Cheese toast, grapes
4/5/6. Left overs
7. pizza, fruit

-Popcorn (olive oil and sea salt)
-Crudites and hummus
-Green smoothie

1. Pasta Faglioli, salad
2. Corn and Black Bean Quesadillas, salad
3. Frittata, Fruit Salad
4. Loaded baked potatoes, Salad
5. Baked Fish, corn on the cob, green beans

My grocery list is pretty long for next week, but because I spent so much this past week, I will only be buying a few things off my list, and making do without the other items for now.

-Block Parmesan
-Monterey Jack
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chili Powder
Baking Potatoes*

*These are probably the only items I will buy this week. While I am out of most cheeses, I will just purchase a little mozzarella this week, which can fill in for most of the other cheeses in the meals I make. I might buy cheddar too. I am going to try to keep my spending around $20, if possible, so I will be back on track for the rest of the month. The cocoa, chili powder, and EVOO are not needed this week, but I am beginning to run low...I can just grab those in the next few weeks.


  1. I have some bread from the bakery in our freezer if you want some. We have tons of bread from all the generous people who brought us food last week while Darcie was recuperating.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I think you will be able to do it for $20.00!

  3. OK, so now I have to ask - as it was in your menu last week as well... What is PB&J?? Is this short for something? I've been tryign to work it out - but maybe it's something you guys have there that we don't!