Sunday, September 14, 2008


Breakfast: Cereal with milk
Lunch: Frittata and deer sausage, for the guys
Snack: stovetop popcorn
Dinner: leftovers

I am running low on food in the house. There is nothing to snack on and not many quick meals. I am going to make some snacks tomorrow, as well as buy groceries. I feel like our healthy eating has kind of gone down the drain the last few weeks, so I am going to be buying a lot of fruits and vegetables this week and focusing on eating and preparing more raw foods. I haven't planned out my menu yet, but here are a few healthier snacks I have in mind.

-Banana "ice cream" (this great snack came from Sara. It is nothing but frozen bananas, whipped up in the food processor. It is just like ice cream and my children LOVE it. Sometimes I add a little chocolate sauce.)
-Frozen Grapes
-Apple slices with cinnamon
-Homemade granola bars
-Green smoothies

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1 comment:

  1. what a cool idea on the bananas! I'll have to try that. I have about 10 frozen bananas right now. :)

    Maybe I'll make some banana bread, too, while I'm at it...

    miss ya!