Friday, September 05, 2008


I am amazed at how productive a day can be when I don't leave the house. Yesterday (Thursday, Day four), was another great day. It was our first official day of school and it was actually really fun! The boys, who had been apart for several days, played together beautifully and it was so nice to see them actually getting along. I spent the day reading to the boys, organizing their room (with their help), teaching, cleaning, reading, making more jam, etc.

Matt and Caedmon were out of the house for the evening, so after the little ones were in bed, I sat on the couch with a towel on my lap and hulled the last batch of muscadines and watched Babette's Feast. It was a lovely movie and I enjoyed seeing all the crockery and copper pots. It was a very beautiful movie to watch. I loved the Puritan simplicity of the home, which sharply contrasted with the rich colors of the food later in the movie. For anyone who enjoys food, and who finds cooking for others a way to express love, I highly recommend this movie.

What we ate on day 4:

Breakfast: cereal (generic cheerios) with milk and blueberries (kids), homemade granola with blueberries and milk (me)
Lunch: more leftover pizza (where is it all coming from?!), grapes, water
Snack: chocolate ice cream cone (kids), frozen grapes
Dinner: Vegetable soup, homemade bread, water

This wasn't our healthiest day of eating. Once the leftovers and snacks (from when Matt was in the hospital) are used up, I am definitely going to have to bring our whole family's nutrition back into alignment. We have been really short on fresh, leafy greens this week, and vegetables in general.


  1. So I would love to know what a muscadine looks like after all these posts mentioning them. I hope your jam making was successful.

  2. I have stayed at home yesterday and today and it has been so refreshing. We had been pretty busy and having long quiet days is what my soul needed! I made some peanut butter and banana muffins today and pureed a bunch of felt good to be in the kitchen again. I can't wait to watch Babette's Feast!

  3. I have had Babette's Feast in my Netflix queue forever...I need to go ahead and watch it.