Saturday, September 13, 2008


Day 11 (Thursday):
Breakfast: Green Smoothies*, cinnamon rolls
Lunch: PB & J on homemade bread, grapes, water
Dinner: Baked potatoes, egg rolls, salad, sweet tea

Thursday afternoon, I went to the store and bought:
-4 peaches
-1 onion
-2 potatoes
-Bag of carrots
-6 Bananas
-Wheat flour
-Toilet Paper
-Corn Syrup
-Egg Roll Wrappers
-1 head of Cabbage
-3 apples

I went to three stores: the produce stand, Save-a Lot, and Bi-LO. I spent a total of $27.70, which brings my total monthly spending to $124.34. I am definitely going to have to be careful for the rest of the month, if I am going to stay under $200. Especially since a good friend of mine and her two children will be visiting for five days this week.

Day 12 (Friday):
Breakfast: Green smoothies*, cereal
Lunch: Caedmon and I went with a kindergarten class on a field trip to Applebees (for "A" week). The younger two boys had lunch with Matt's mom at her house.
Dinner: Kids had homemade pizza. Matt took me on an impromptu date night to dinner and a movie!

So, the hubby and I are walking in to the theatre and he asks me if I would like popcorn. I didn't, but looked at the menu, curious to see how much it cost. $5 for a small popcorn! I turned to Matt and said "Do you realize that I can feed one member of our family for 3 1/2 days on $5?!!" He laughed and said there was no way that I could do that. So, I showed him the math. $200 for 1 month, for a family of 5. That's $50 a week, or $10 a week, per person. That means I can feed one person in our family for half a week, for the cost of one small bag of movie theatre popcorn. If I had wanted the popcorn before I figured that out, I sure didn't after! This experiment is really opening my eyes (and I think, my husband's!), not only to how much excess is in our lives, but also the value we put on products (not necessarily related to the monetary cost). Stuff to ponder.

*Green smoothies have become a daily thing around here again, after a couple of months without making them very often. They are the easiest way to insure that my youngest children get fresh leafy greens in their little bodies!


  1. Have you noticed the difference in our quotes on our blogs? Yours says not to grasp for the stars but to be content to do your daily work--mine says to shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land among the stars. I wonder what this says about our personalities? We sure are different, aren't we?

  2. And just why is my blog not on your blog roll of honor? Huh? Huh? I'll remember that the next time you need a babysitter!

  3. It was nice to have you and Caed join us on the field trip Friday!!

    I've got to tell you, especially since you were questioning your daily challenge updates, I am becoming more inspired to really squeeze my grocery budget. Even a little over $200 at the end of the month will be a very commendable accomplishment!! Great job!

  4. Cheers to green smoothies!

    I love the story about the popcorn! Crazy prices, I agree.

    Have a super week,

  5. Did you like that movie, Laurel? It looks interesting for sure.