Saturday, September 06, 2008


Today was another lovely day at home. After a week of teaching, cleaning, canning jam, and the other normal things that come with running a household, I used today to just putter. I rearranged my living room, rehung pictures in new places, edited (always, the editing). I like the changes. It is so fun to spend a day every now and then, looking at my home through new eyes and making changes.
The desire to change things around the house seems to come with the changing of the seasons. I am not a person that does a lot of decorating for the holidays...I mostly just acknowledge the changes that occur in nature...bringing in fresh flowers or branches from out of doors, or maybe some nuts, or leaves, or pine cones in the fall. However, I do like to have a more sparse feel to my home in the spring and summer, and then make it cozier in fall and winter with snuggly blankets and pillows, candles scented of cinnamon, and a warmer palette.

It was still quite warm outside today but I could still feel the shift in the air. It's hard to verbalize, but I recognize it when I feel it. Can you feel it where you live too? Is it happening there yet?

Since I stayed home all day, I didn't spend any money on groceries, so yay for that!

This is what we ate today:

Breakfast: waffles (I substitute additional applesauce for the oil), milk
Lunch: vegetable soup, homemade bread, grapes
Dinner: Pizza! I know, I know, but seriously, this pizza was AMAZING!!

OK, so my friend, Lauren Sharp, and I made this pizza together a few weeks ago and it was SO GOOD. I have been dreaming of it. So, I made it again tonight. Good heavens, it is yummy! Here is a very loose recipe, if you are interested.

On one pizza crust, add...
-pesto (I omitted the parmesan, since we were going to top the pizza with cheese)
-Big handfuls of fresh spinach
-artichoke hearts, roughly chopped
-sun dried tomatoes, roughly chopped
-block parmesan, grated

Bake in a preheated oven until cheese is melted. Really good with white wine (I prefer a sweet wine all the time, so I can't really give any "pairings" LOL). I think I could eat this pizza four or five days out of the week!


  1. We have been making our pizzas at home for a few weeks now, and I just made my first homemade pizza crust tonight!! (I prefer beer with my pizza!)

  2. This made for pleasant morning reading, Laurel! :-) I always enjoy your simple and lovely take on things. I like to shift things around, too, now and then. Move the furniture. Rehang this or that. Change things for the seasons. Like you, I don't do anything huge. Just little touches. I like it best that way.

    Susan :-)