Friday, September 05, 2008


Our day didn't get off to the best start yesterday morning and pretty much led to a chain of events that altered the intended course of the day. But, we make plans, and the Lord directs our path, doesn't he?

I had intended to get up and run in morning. I went Thursday and it was just lovely. The weather was so nice. But, our early riser, the poor middle child, climbed into bed with us at six thirty am, just as he does every morning. He always peeks over my side of the bed and whispers "Mama, the sun is up!" I can't seem to make him understand that just because the sun is up, doesn't mean he has to be! Sometime I am sure I will be glad he is an early riser. Anyway, he was extra snuggly in the morning, and more effusive than usual with his words of adoration. "Mama, you're my best friend EVER in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD". So, instead of running, I spent extra time enjoying his affections.

So, I was a little behind, since I didn't get up before the boys and get a head start on the day. As I was writing out what I wanted to accomplish, Landing (the-two- year-old-middle-child-early-riser) brought the hamster downstairs and was playing with it on the floor. This is Caedmon's beloved hamster that he ADORES. Anyway, our dog ran over, chomped down on the hamster and punctured its lungs. The hamster died on my living room floor. Caedmon was surprisingly stoic about it all. He is by far my most emotional child but when it comes to stuff like this, he is really unaffected, or at least seems to be. It is kind of unnerving.

Anyway, since the hamster died an untimely death, we decided to have a little family outing to Savannah in the evening to have dinner and purchase a new hamster of Caedmon's choice. This was after my monthly book group meeting at my Mom's house. We did manage to sneak in a little school work too.

No money was spent on groceries. I did buy stamps at the post office, purchase two (!) new hamsters (Matt did manage to talk them down $6), and have dinner out. Surprisingly, for our family, this was the first time we had eaten out this week. As I have mentioned before, we usually eat out a few times a week. My hubby is a food sales man and we often eat at some of his customer's restaurants to support them.

However, my desire to eat out is greatly diminished when I have a menu made out, and all the groceries in the house to fix said menu. I love to cook and I love meal time. For me, it is much more about the experience than it is about the food (though I love that too!). We have friends over for dinner on a regular basis because we love the social aspect of eating so much.

Dinner prep is so much more fun when you have a girlfriend in the kitchen with you, chopping vegetables, laughing, sipping wine, having good conversation. We have eaten with friends/family three times this week (actually, four for Matt, since he was out of the house last night), so I guess we just didn't feel like eating out.

Friday's Menu:
Breakfast: Green smoothies, cereal
Lunch: Grilled cheese, vegetable soup, water
Dinner: dinner out

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