Monday, September 15, 2008

GROCERY LIST AND WEEK 3 MENUI have perused my pantry shelves, looked at recipes, and made my grocery list. I am keeping the cooking pretty simple this week (as I have this whole month!). I have a friend (who is pregnant) and her children coming in from out of town for several days, as well as the hubby going out of town.
Factors that were considered when making this week's menu:

-5 picky little boys to feed this week, as well as...
-1 picky pregnant friend to feed :)
-Incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into our menu
-making snacks from scratch. They might not be super healthy, but at least I can make them healthier than they would be if purchased.
-the hubby will be out of pocket for several days
-several dinners that are easily transportable, in case we want to picnic in the park
-using ingredients on hand: the hubby bought chicken thighs for dirt cheap last week. I am not thrilled to cook/eat chicken thighs, but we have them now, so I want to find good ways to cook them for Matt and the boys.


-Green smoothies
-Blueberry muffins
-Eggs in a basket

-PB & J, apples, potato chips
-Pizza, fruit, salad
-Grilled cheese, fruit

-Chocolate graham crackers, peanut butter
-green smoothies
-banana "ice cream"
-stove top popcorn

-Spaghetti, salad
-Salad bar (lettuce, spinach, nuts, cheese, various veggies, dressing, dried fruits, shredded chicken thigh meat)
-Mac and Cheese, green beans, fruit
-Pizza, salad, fruit
-Egg Rolls, raw sweet and sour slaw

On a totally unrelated note, I was reading this month's issue of Women's Health, and they had an article on 125 packaged foods that are good to eat/not that bad for you...and seriously, Reddi-Wip was on their list. Reddi-wip as health food. Crazy.

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  1. Ah, a new challenge! I always find it harder to feed larger groups, no doubt because I'm used to feeding three. But the menus should help.

    Funny about the Reddi-Wip.

  2. Did they give reasoning for the reddi-wip?

  3. hey!! i happened upon the blog this morning. Marianne Pitts made awesome chicken thighs one night when we were in greenville and had purchased them b/c *we* were dirt *poor*. david doesn't like them either. But. what she did is she made a brown sugar pecan topping and then put it all over them with honey and salt and pepper. It was so good. I would eat them anytime! I can find out if she used cinnamon ...she might of.

    that is another thing. If you need a meal and you have a bunch of stuff that really doesn't go together... call her or call me and I will give you her number and she can tell you how to put it together. she is amazing at that. Its what I do in a pinch. its great to have friends with culinary degrees!:)