Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My blog is boring me. It needs a face lift.

For one thing, I need to learn to take pictures. I want to have good pictures that depict what I am writing about.

For another thing, I am too loquacious. My blog has too many words (shout out to Amadeus here).

I want my blog to be more like this and this.

Just a heads up, in case you notice an identity crisis in progress around here for awhile.

Also, this picture has no significance in regards to this post. I just wanted a picture up.


  1. yeah. i look forward to the changes! but i do love your blog either way!

  2. That's so interesting because I always thought your blog was perfect for you... simple and clean. :)

    I'll still visit though, even if it changes to some crazy loud blog - like mine! HA! I'm still not really used to it, but it was free... :)

    Sorry we played phone tag today. Hope we can catch up another day!

  3. I, personally, prefer wordy blogs =)

  4. A MUCH more relevant question is....WHY IS ARTFUL ASPIRATIONS NOT IN YOUR BLOG STALKING LIST? I'm shocked, appalled, and hurt. You'll never get the quilt now! The nerve! Yo Mama

  5. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I think your blog is perfect...just the way it is.

  6. Laurel, I really enjoy reading at your blog. It's thoughtful and always interesting and fun to read. For sure, you should do what you really want to do, but just be yourself! :-) Yourself is a very good thing! We all have different styles of communicating. Some people tell stories, some people share photos and few words, some people go deep, others keep it light, some people focus pointedly on spiritual topics while others focus on the daily (which is also spiritual, just in another way). It's those blogs where people seem to be their real selves that draw me in. Your blog has always done that.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't use fewer words or make changes if you think you need to do that. I have a new goal of not surpassing 700 words (that's a lot of words, but less than I've used sometimes), and I'll eventually move down to 500 if I can (I have a reason for this). :-)

    I like your blog just as is Laurel, but I also understand that sometimes it's fun (and refreshing) to move around the furniture and declutter (not that I think your blog was "cluttered.")

    This comment is more "locquacious than the post I'm responding to! :-)


  7. There's that quilt again...

    I don't think you're posts are too long at all. I think you do a fantastic job of staying on topic and your thoughts are always organized into written word nicely. A facelift is always fun, though!!