Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Q & A
This image from Flickr.com

There are a few questions that have been asked in the comments that I wanted to answer.

-Which produce stand are you referring to in your posts?
L and D Produce, located behind Video Warehouse

-How do you make your vanilla?
I buy fresh vanilla beans from a grower in Madegascar off Ebay. They are yummy. I draw a slit down the length of the vanilla bean, exposing the insides. I then place two vanilla beans in each bottle (you can make as many as you like at a time). Then, I pour a good quality vodka over the beans and cork the bottle. Shake the bottle gently and then place it in a dark cabinet. Shake once a week for at least six weeks, then use! You may refill the vodka as you use the extract. The beans are good for a long time.

-Are you worried about the level of cleanliness at the non-corporate places where you are shopping?
No, I am not. While I don't love that the places such as IGA or the Discount Food Store aren't sparkling clean, it doesn't bother me either. The foods that I am buying are sealed and fresh and I always check all expiration dates. While I do love a wonderful shopping experience (Fresh Market, anyone?), the benefits of shopping at these places heavily outweigh the slight ick factor. :)

-When you make popcorn, do you do it in a popper or on the stove?
Well, I did both, whichever I was in the mood for...until last week, when my $2 popper from the Junior League Attic sale finally bit the dust.


  1. How large a bottle do you use for your vanilla- sounds fabulous!

  2. I have been making my vanilla like this for about 9 years now. We absolutely cannot use the "other stuff in the bottle" - it simply doesn't taste as good.

    As far as cleanliness goes...has anyone really looked at WalMart or KMart lately (YUCK)?!!!