Sunday, September 16, 2007


This story broke my heart. I can not imagine being that mother (you can see the link to the video too, if you follow the link to the article), the unimaginable horror to live in a place like that. I try to imagine sometimes, if it was the US that was under attack. I try to imagine living with that fear, afraid for our safety, afraid for my children's future.
Reading about this family's response to coming to America for the first time was very humbling (are we in heaven?). I have so much. Most of what I want and absolutely everything that I need. Still, I complain. Sometimes it is good to see what we have from another perspective.

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  1. jaclyn cason10:38 AM

    I have officially bookmared your site! I will be dropping in to check on what is going on with you!! :) Let's get together soon for a lunch date with Hollly and Mixon! :)