Monday, September 17, 2007


I just found out that IGA grocery stores are independantly owned! In fact, IGA stands for Independant Grocers Alliance. Who knew? And how serendipidous...there just happens to be an IGA right on the way to the discount food store! Now my dilemma of where-to-get-the-items-I-haven't-been-able-to-find-but-don't-want-to-buy-in-bulk is solved!

Just read their mission statement "The world doesn't need more supermarkets, it needs more Community Centers." At IGA we believe that a good grocery store isn't a sprawling, impersonal example of cookie cutter commerce, but a community hub owned and operated by the very people who know the area best – the citizens." Love that!

Now that I know this, I think I should be able to buy everything I need at a locally owned establishment. Very exciting! However, I think I will still try to continue the way I have been shopping and only go to IGA when absolutely neccessary b/c I think the reason I have been spending so little on groceries is b/c I am not buying cheese, yogurt, junk food, etc. So, I will only use IGA for times (like these upcoming birthday parties) when I can't get things for a specific purpose anywhere else.


  1. Woohoo!!! Am I ever happy you did this little bit of homework. I have been trying to figure out where to get "those other things".

  2. interesting. Just being the devils advocate here... but... have you noticed the level of cleanliness is in most cases drastically diminished by "independently owned and operated" being in its description. I have. Ive been contemplating this experiment of yours for sometime now...I love shopping at L and D produce. (excellent level of clean there btw) but as for the others: I am not sure what I would miss most about not shopping at corporately owned places... the fact that I have to haul my kids in and out to 4 different places or that the places I am hauling them in and out of are giving a very up close and personal meaning to the descriptive GRUNGEY...

  3. I agree with Carroll's thoughts on the cleanliness thing. That was my first thought as well. Granted, I am quite happy for you though. The closest IGA to me is 30 minutes away, so I won't be able to "check" their cleanliness. However, I have made it to our local farmer's market! I love this little social experiment of yours, it is really making me think! Keep it up!

  4. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Even IGA's have standards they have to meet or the health department will close them down!!! Dont worry about cleanliness sug...IT IS FINE :)
    your hubalicious