Monday, September 10, 2007


One of my cloth diapers came today! I have to admit, I was really excited to try it. I washed it as instructed, added the doubler to make it more absorbent and then put it on baby B. It is really cute. It is blue and he looked awfully sweet in it. It was very satisfying. I don't know how to explain it without sounding weird, but it felt like I was doing something really GOOD. It felt wholesome or something. I don't know how to say it...but I liked it. About an hour after I put it on him, we went to dinner and took the kids to the park to play. I thought about putting a disposable on him before we left and decided against it. We made it through dinner and halfway through playing at the park when I saw the telltale signs of baby B filling his diaper...and I panicked. I looked at my friend and said "oh no! NOW WHAT DO I DO?" I was a little unnerved...I hadn't actually thought about the fact that it would get DIRTY.
He had soaked completely through the diaper (even though it has a built in waterproof barrier) and his clothes. That almost never happens with a disposable diaper. I changed him, wrapped up the cloth diaper as best I could, and put it immediately in the washer when we got home to soak in very hot water. It wasn't too big a deal. I am not sure what I think of our cloth diaper experience so far. Cloth gets one point for making me feel all warm and fuzzy putting it on him :)
Disposable gets a point for being so convenient, and well, DISPOSABLE. It also gets a point for containing the mess better. Hmmm...have to keep at it and see what I think.
I think a good compromise might be using cloth at home and disposable when we are out. My hemp diaper arrives tomorrow, so I am excited to try it out. There is something awfully sweet about your little baby wrapped up in a natural, clean, cloth diaper. And won't they look cute hanging on the clothesline? :)


  1. ok...your'e not making me want to ever try cloth diapers....except for maybe pictures. It sounds like it would be cute to capture them in them, but not clean them. gross.

    yeah the washer under the sink is a pain. I have a plan to move it, but it requires knocking down the back wall of the dining room and putting in frenh doors. WAY down the road.

    Thanks for the clothes and come visit soon :)

  2. ok. the main problem with the cloth diaper that is as close to the disposable as possible is that you can't dispose of it. wait until caed no wait... wrong child. landing flushes it down the toilet that you have them soaking in. that will cause enough plumbing bills to make up for the money you are saving on disposable diapers. :) have you tried wearing the disposable diaper under the cloth one. ???? LOL!