Friday, September 14, 2007


Spent a little time yesterday puttering around my house, snapping a few more pictures of little nooks that make me happy. I LOVE to putter but don't get to do it much. Yesterday it stormed all afternoon...making the house seem cozy and a nice place to be on such a wet day. The atmosphere just lent itself to a little puttering. I thought I would share a few photos with you.
Living room bookshelf (I think books make a house so homey!)Peek into the nursery. Stacks of linens in the baby's roomMy happy door. This used to be the color of my kitchen walls. Even after I painted them blue, I loved this bright yellow door, so I just left it. I think it looks great against the blue.
Puttering is so comforting. Moving furniture, hanging pictures, polishing silver, decorating rooms in your mind....then changing satisfying. If you haven't puttered lately, I highly suggest taking a few hours to do will feel so refeshed!

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  1. noticed the line of gabaldon books on the bottom shelf of your bookcase! ;)