Sunday, October 21, 2007

WEEK OF REDECORATING, TAKE TWO I had intended to have a week of redecorating challenges a few weeks ago, but it never seemed to get off the ground. Remember my screened porch project? Yeah...

I am going to start over this week. My plan? To make one change/decorate/redecorate around my home, each day this week. I will only use materials and items that I already have around our house or yard. I will post before and after pics each day. The goal is to take an active role in making my home more beautiful, using small babysteps. I will post before and after pictures of each little project. Also, the flylady zone this week is the master bedroom, so I will be devoting special attention to cleaning this area of my home.

Here is a tentative list of projects that I would like to work on. Obviously, I won't get to them all this week.
-Decorate mantel for fall
-Paint chalkboard for Laundry room
-Spray paint baskets and find uses for them around house
-Finish organizing porch
-Move bench/table in front of fence, plant pots w/ flowers
-Clean off dining table, add tablecloth and centerpiece
-Paint boys beds
-Declutter and reorganize kitchen countertops
-Organize cabinet in bathroom (picture above), paint back of cabinet...maybe the pale blue of the boys beds? Or yellow might be cute.
-Hang bamboo curtain rods, make and hang curtains in living/dining room
-Clean up the yard. Pick up toys, take old strollers to Goodwill, etc.

Also, other projects I would like to tackle this week.
-Make and can pasta sauce
-Make produce bags out of old sheets


  1. just change the glass in that cabinet so that it doesn't look like it came from a hardware store. its cute white in your bath. or>.. you could do it the color of the molding in there. ?

  2. Good luck redecorating. My house depserately needs, well, simply decorating. There is no "re" to it. We are working on our bedroom now. Laurel, I am just not good at it! Did you ever make those veggie bags?

  3. I've got too many projects going on at my house. I need to focus!!! I love how you make a plan first. Maybe I should do that instead of just jumping in and drowning. Jumping in is the fun part for me - staying afloat is another ballpark!

    Hey, you should put your post on "Tackle it Tuesday" at I think lots of people could benefit from your thoughts!

    Oh, hey, btw... I'm SOOOO tired today! Just had to vent somewhere. :) Thanks! Let's get together on that thing they call a phone. taek care! :)