Friday, October 19, 2007


The motherload of all amazing things happened yesterday afternoon. You have probably read (in previous posts) about the two things that caused the miracle I am about to tell you of: 1. watching less TV, and 2. putting books in a basket on the ottoman.

Ok, so it was late yesterday afternoon and I decided to turn on a cartoon for the two older boys to watch while I nursed the baby. The TV hadn't been on for 3-4 days, so I thought they would be really excited to watch something. I turned on Sesame Street, then left the room to feed the baby. I came back a few minutes later...the TV had been turned off, and both boys were sitting on the couch, reading books!!!!! I know, I couldn't believe it either!!!

Seriously, my boys had TURNED OFF THE TV so they could READ BOOKS INSTEAD!!!! It's the big one, Elizabeth!!! I was speechless! I tell you, after a week of poorly behaved children, coupled with some bad parenting moments, this was such a redemptive moment for me. Woo Hoo for small (or not so small) victories!!

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  1. That's a BIG victory Laurel. It's giant, in fact. I got lost in blogger world tonight. there are some really great blogs out there. Happy Friday!

  2. laughing so hard!!! (re: sanford and son :) Yea for you to see such quick fruit of your labor!!