Saturday, October 13, 2007


These are pictures of my recycling bags. As you can see, my paper/cardboard bag and plastics bag is full to bursting. The metal and glass bags are almost empty. This is about three weeks worth of recycling. While I am pleased that there are only about 5 items in the glass and metal bags, I don't like that my plastics and paper bags are so full, especially the plastic. As you may know, glass and metal can be recycled endless numbers of times, while plastics can only be recycled once, if at all (many plastics can not be recycled).

I really want to reduce the amounts of plastic in my house. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am going to buy Klean Kanteens for the boys, to eliminate the need for plastic sippy cups. My sweet friend, Amanda, bought me these enamelware cups from a thrift store in town. Thank you, Amanda! I already have enamelware plates for the boys, so I can get rid of their plastic plates. I would also like to replace all my plastic storage containers, trash cans, and toys with either wood, glass, metal, wicker, etc. A natural home is a more beautiful home!
One of next week's projects is to make produce bags out of old sheets, so I won't have to use those one-use produce bags anymore. Read this article on the dangers to the environment that plastics cause, as well as how to deplasticize your life (warning: there is a really sad/gross picture at the top of this blog, but it is a good read). Another good post here.
Hopefully, by the next time I am ready to take my recycling off, I will have considerably less plastic.


  1. I do need to make some bags. My sewing machine is on the mend. Hubby ordered a new pedal for me today. Let me know, I would love to make some. Maybe that will help get me motivated to use less plastic.

  2. Just curious... what will you do with the plastic plates you have? yard sale or something? is there a "good" way to get rid of them?

    I must admit, most every time I read one of your posts, I think " I should do that."

    great thoughts!