Friday, October 12, 2007


Our house's previous owners came by today (well, the wife came by). I showed her the changes we had made to the house, we talked about changes/renovations/expansions that they had considered when they lived here, she told me more about the original owner and what the house looked like when they bought it, etc.
It was very interesting. Our house is very "Williamsburg". That was the first thing I thought when I saw it. After visiting Williamsburg again a few weeks ago, I was really amazed at the original owner's attention to detail with this house. He was from Virginia but had moved to GA and was a historian at the University here. He built and then lived in this house for 20+ years, before retiring and moving to Williamsburg. It was really fun to discover details about our house that were modeled after Wililamsburg, while we were there a few weeks ago.
See that little building on the left, in the picture above? We have an outbuilding EXACTLY like that at our house! It even has the finial on top. It is so sweet. Our building (all outbuildings, and house) is green, with dark green shutters...a color combo you also see in Williamsburg (see below). The little outbuilding of ours is now home to the "man shed". This little ceramic birdhouse? Yep, we have one of those!
Anyway, she stayed for about three hours and we had a great visit. She was very sweet and even brought me a book of Williamsburg design. So thoughtful of her! We also had a chance to talk about breastfeeding, shopping at Wal.Mart (she NEVER goes!), eating a vegetarian diet, getting off the consumerist grid, and living a simple life. It was great to talk to her. The first time we saw this house, I remember being struck by how uncluttered the house was. Even the closets had plenty of extra room. They had a tiny television. I remember how surprising it was, and refreshing, to see a house that wasn't bursting at the seams. So, I really enjoyed getting to know her a little more today. She and her husband are remodeling a mid-century modern house, which I look forward to seeing very soon. It was a nice afternoon of good conversation and making a new friend!

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  2. Laurel, it is such a small world. I know the previous owner. She is one of the nicest people on the planet. She inspires me, too. Just like you do. And, super thoughtful. Her daughter brought Baby B a doll home from Ireland. God has a way of bringing people into my life that offer me direction.