Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Sometimes just the tiniest tweaking of habits can have such a big impact. One thing that I really desire for my children is a love of reading. In a perfect world, I read to my boys every afternoon and evening. In reality, it is very hit or miss.

So last night, I took this Goodwill basket and filled it with several books from their bookshelves in their room, and placed it on the living room ottoman. The books have been pulled out and looked at four or five times already today. We are going to read and have gingersnaps and milk this afternoon. The bookshelves in their room are "out of sight, out of mind" for most of the day, and the sheer volume of books is overwhelming to them. A few well placed books sparked their interest immediately.

Isn't it amazing how sometimes just the smallest change can make such a big difference?


  1. Hey! What a great idea! Will has really been intersted in books lately as he is starting to read. I'll need to pick through our "overwhelming number of books", too.

    Too bad our Good Will is not so great. I checked it out the other day and they have the clothes sorted by COLOR!! UGH! That place needs some help. I'd help, but my place needs some help, first!!! :)

    Sorry, I've been *unavailable* lately , life's been crazy.

  2. One thing that we do is have two baskets, one to hold unread books and the other to move the books to once we read them. They like to watch them move from one place to another, always noting when we're half way and almost done. It also helps with having to read the same book over and over.

  3. Wonderful idea to put it up on the ottoman! I have a "library book basket" in the living room but it becomes overlooked as another piece of furniture or something. I'll just put it directly on the couch!! And I'll reduce the overwhelming amount.