Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last night, Bauer enjoyed an entire jar of pureed green beans (as well as a jar of pears). Today, I am hating cloth diapers. I wish I had a stronger constitution, a pioneer spirit, what have you. But I have to admit, it is hard to stick to cloth, especially after a day of green beans, when I have disposables just a few steps away in a cabinet.

At the Brighter Day Natural Foods in Savannah, Stacy and I were looking at something called a G-diaper. It seems to be a happy medium between disposable and cloth. Cloth diapers with a disposable insert that is plastic free and can be either composted, flushed, or thrown away.

Now obviously, it requires more energy and materials to make something disposable over something you use again and again...but, it isn't clogging a landfill and is completely bio-degradable. I admit, I am thinking about trying them. What if I used the cloth diapers after my child had just had a dirty diaper (when I am relatively sure the next one will just be wet) and the g-diapers the rest of the time? Has anyone tried these? I would love to hear what ya'll think about them. Cop out or world's greatest invention? Would any of you disposable diaper people be willing to give these a try?

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  1. you could just do biodegradable disposable diapers. I know its not as economic but we have to draw the line somewhere. Point in case: we sacrifice economic for convenience all the time. such as your dishwasher which uses many more times of water than hand washing. you drive a car which should have purchased a horse and carriage it would have been more eco-friendly b/c the horse gives back in fertilizer. so. Instead of suffering over there in regard to diapers. I would just spend a little extra and get the biodegradable ones.