Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This past week-end, my friend Stacy, and I took a much anticipated girls week-end to Savannah, GA. Saying that it was much anticipated is probably a bit of an understatement. The two of us sported ear-to-ear grins for about four days prior to the trip and our text messages pretty much consisted of "only 127 hours, 22 minutes until our trip!" and so on. We took a similar trip a few years ago, when I was very pregnant with Landing. It was a fabulous spa trip to Orlando and we fully anticipated this trip being just as great. Oh, and it was.

We have a few more children this time around (last trip, we only had Caed. We have had three more boys between us, since then, and another baby on the way! Yes, we REALLY needed this little getaway!). So, after Stacy got off work, we headed down to Savannah. First stop? Target, to pick up our $20 in Method products, so we could get our cool reusable grocery bag. Stacy, being the organized, teacher person that she is, already had our forms filled out, envelopes stamped and addressed...they were ready to be mailed off before we pulled out of the Target parking lot. She's a woman after my own heart. :)

Then, we headed downtown to W Liberty Street, to our very favorite restaurant, Mellow Mushroom. This is a great place to people watch. There are all kinds here...SCAD students, families with children, tourists. Lots of fun. I especially love looking at all the waitresses...ours had blonde dreads, tied up in a knot, and all kinds of piercings and tattoos. She was very sweet and seemed very interesting...she looked like she had a story. :)
I ordered my very favorite spinach salad. Man, it was good. And of course, the garlic pretzels, which are to die for.
Then we headed across the river, to the Westin. I love staying at the Westin, just because of their amazing beds (and shower heads). They are sooo comfy. On the bed was this card.I love to see companies taking these simple steps to reduce our waste.

After taking a few moments to put our bags in the room and nurse Bauer, we took the ferry across the river to snag some pralines from River Street Sweets. It is always fun to go down to River Street. We stayed a few moments to peek into some shops, listen to the old man belting out some tunes on the trumpet (the Gilligan's Island and Star Wars theme songs were his favorite!), and make small talk with some women admiring B in his wrap, we headed back to the room and those great feather beds.

We spent the day Saturday stopping in many of the shops that line Broughton, Bay, and Abercorn Streets. One really great little shop was the Paris Market and Brocante, which is featured in Southern Living Magazine this month. I love to walk around downtown Savannah. There are so many interesting and ecclectic people to watch. Cute girls on bikes, such as this one, were everywhere.There were lots of bicycles outside of the Brighter Day Natural Foods Store.
Driving down E Liberty street, we spotted this adorable market, and of course, had to go in. It was very similar to our produce stand in town, but with better ambiance. It was really sweet!
Look how cute the lights are, covered with these apple baskets. And all the paper lanterns and twinkly lights!This sweet little market, as well as the bulk bins at the Brighter Day store, were definitely the highlights of the week-end for me.

The whole week-end was so relaxing and restorative. It was so nice to spend some time with Stacy, one on one, without juggling multiple children at the same time! We have an easy friendship...just as comfortable with talking as with silence...and it was great to spend a beautiful week-end with her, taking in the sights. We both give a hearty "thank you!" to our husbands, who financed our little getaway, and and kept the kiddos while we were gone (as well as my parents and inlaws, who kept my children Friday night, while Matt had football). We think this should be a monthly thing...what do you think, guys? :)

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