Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Hmmm, I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Didn't do so great on my challenges yesterday. You could say I completely failed. That whole "go vegan for a week" thing? Yeah, that pretty much lasted 3 hours. Despite how gross meat and dairy seem in my head, the reality is, I really like them. A lot. Should I cut out meat and dairy when I am nursing? Probably wouldn't hurt anything, but I think I am going to drop that challenge. I am just going to focus on eating only when I am truly hungry, and eat healthy foods. That worked for the first three months. I am going to stick with that. I know, I now look like a complete flake. I guess that's what I get for posting my little challenges on my blog, huh?

Also, I didn't get to the screened porch yesterday. I don't know why I picked that for my first project, it is a big undertaking. I think maybe I should just delete yesterday's post and act like it never happened...
But, I did get a lot done yesterday. Instead of a house project, I made homemade wipes out of yummy thick flannel. I even sewed around the edges so they wouldn't fall apart in the wash. I was pretty proud of myself. I folded them and put them in an empty wipe box with a homemade solution of 2 cups water, 2 T. olive oil, and 2 T. lavender baby wash. They are WONDERFUL. They smell good and they are so soft on little baby bottoms. I am really, really pleased with them. I haven't mentioned how my cloth diapering experience has been going, but look for that in a later post.
I do want to get the porched cleaned up this week. I am hosting bookgroup at my house on Friday, and would love to have it out on the porch. You might remember that this picture below is my inspiration.And this is what my porch looks like now.
The porch has been pretty much just used for storage this summer, since it has been so hot. The boxes have been freecycled and will be picked up later this week. The hot wheels was won by the hubby at an auction. It is going on Craig's list today (unless any of you are looking for an early Christmas present?). My to-do list for the porch includes:
-wiping down all furniture
-brushing down cobwebs and leaves
-sweeping and mopping floor
-putting a tablecloth on table
-putting a vase of fall leaves on the table
-pulling the sisal rugs from the foyer and bathroom and putting them on the porch
-potting some flowers and putting them around
-airing out the pillows, putting them on rockers

That will all get done in bits and pieces between now and Friday. I will post after pictures when I get it looking a little better.
I did spend the morning cleaning the boys room. It was a disaster. I didn't take a before picture, but trust me, it was awful.
My next goals for their room is to paint all the beds the pale blue of bed #1 and get mattresses for the other beds (L will be moving in here soon, when I move B to the crib in the nursery). Then bedding. Red and white ticking dust ruffles/bed skirts, navy quilts, white sheets. I think it will look really sweet in there. All my little boys in a row. Cute!
Also, I did a little decluttering this morning, adding to the huge box in the foyer that is going to our church swap (garage sale without money) in a few weeks.Now, I am going to get these kiddos down for a nap, have a little lunch, and get started on the porch! Have a great day!


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  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the boys room! 1...2...3 TOOO CUTE! What does Caed think about having two other headboards with no beds in his room? Will would ask a million questions as to "why?". And then it would move to "what if" questions! LOL!

    Anyway, I also adore your porch! That red is GREAT! I know you will have fun with decorating it! Be sure to post pictures when you've completed it! I'm a bit jealous of your porch now...

    As for the "yummy" wipes... just don't know if that is the right adjective... hmmmm.... no, I just don't think so. (Ok, rereading it, the flannel is yummy, not the wipes. A little better, I suppose, hahahaha!)

    Going vegan... I couldn't have done it either. I'm proud of you for putting it out there, though!