Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sunday afternoon was absolutely beautiful. We didn't go to church because Landing had hand, foot, and mouth. So that afternoon, the boys and I took a walk around the neighborhood, picking up litter and recyclables. Near the end of our walk, we encountered a young couple walking their dog. As the boys petted the dog, the woman looked back and forth from the boy's bags of trash, to me, back to them. "Are your boys picking up TRASH?!", she asked me, incredulously. Before I could answer, Caed replied "Yes, we are picking up trash and taking it to the recycling center. We have to pick it up to take care of God's world. People shouldn't throw trash on the ground."

She looked at him, surprised, then hit her hubby/boyfriend on the arm and said "Awww! We should be doing that!!"
Nothing like the innocent forth-rightness of a child to get the message across.

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