Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is a continuation of my first ever post. There are just so gosh-darn many little everyday things that make me feel good! :) I will probably continue to update this list as I think of things.
Please excuse any overlap. I can't remember what all I listed the first time and I don't want to keep going back to look. If I have listed it again, I must just really love it!

-Red shoes, especially high heels...

-...the sound of heels clicking on the pavement

-Big earrings that "distract" from the extra poundage I am trying to shed :)

-The quiet in the mornings when I actually make it up before the rest of the time to get a head start on the day, have devotions, and watch the world wake up

-Empty laundry baskets

-Houseplans. I am addicted to house plans!! I especially many of Eric Moser designs. He really marries the classic cottage asthetics with modern day comforts.

-Fresh air

-Clean car

-Wearing nice clothes that I feel good in

-A glass of muscadine wine while I am cooking, or late at night while I am reading

-An amazing book that I can't book down (right now I am IN LOVE with the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon)

-Snuggling up with my hubby at the end of the day and talking until we fall asleep

-Seeing my children playing together and getting along!

-Knowing what I am having for dinner *before* 5 pm!

-Down pillows and comforters, 100% cotton sheets...aaahhh, heaven

-A handwritten letter from a friend

-Listening to my little boys, with their sweet little voices, singing their hearts out while we drive in the car


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Ditto on the things that make you happy. What about a beautiful sunset or sunrise, the beach on a cold day so you can wear a chunky fisherman's sweater, little girls in church, buying school supplies, a beautifully set table surrounded by friends and family you can totally be yourself with.....and the list goes on and on. Mom

  2. ooh, yes, those are some goods ones. I LOVE school supplies!!