Tuesday, August 28, 2007


You have to check out this website, Little Brown Dress. Go ahead, I'll wait...
I just love this concept! Not that I am brave enough to do it...besides, I don't know that I could wear the same thing for a year as I am in the process of shedding lots of baby weight (isn't my optimism inspiring? Ha!!). But, I was just so impressed by how cute and funky she looked and how many different ways she was able to dress up the same outfit.
I would really like to adopt the uniform concept. That you find the look that is really flattering to you...suits your personality, flatters your figure, suits your climate and lifestyle, etc. and then just have several variations of it. Less to wash, less to think about, always look good. One more little step on the road to simplicity.
What are your thoughts on this? Really cool or exceptionally boring?

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