Monday, August 13, 2007


My father in law's birthday is on friday. I always get a little nervous when Saulsy's parents have birthdays because they have *everything* they could possibly want or need and I never know what to get them. This year, I am taking a cue from ANNA (scroll down to the Oct. 15th post) at Pleasant View Schoolhouse and am making a yummy, meaningful dinner for him. I plan to make Shrimp and Grits with a white wine reduction, crusty bread, sauteed asparagus, and spinach salad. We'll have white wine to drink (give a little shout out to the reduction!), and Mrs. Becky will bring the birthday dessert. I plan to use candles, have a flower/weed centerpiece, nice crisp linens. Instead of spending money on something that he won't use or need, I am going to give him thoughtfulness, time, and energy. I hope he enjoys it and that it makes him feel special.


  1. Jaclyn10:35 AM

    You go girl! I am sure it was delicious!

  2. Hi Laurel~

    Thanks for coming by:-) I keep finding so many sweet people to visit and bookmark!

    Yes, I really liked that version of Be Thou My Vision. Just beautiful! You can either press on my SongSpot where it says get your own SongSpot or you can go to and then once you are registered, you can type in hymns, Bonnie Rathmusen or Be Thou My Vision. That should pull up either a list of hymns(that you must then wade through) or Bonnie's music or versions of Be Thou My Vision(Just look for her name). Anyhow...that is a long winded version of how to find that piece:-p Did it make sense?

    Hope your birthday dinner went well!

    Lots of love,