Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am having a blogging revival. New format, more regular posting, links, and soon (when my hubby gets me the right cord and shows me how to use it), pictures! So stayed tuned...
In the meantime, just a little update on our family life. At the moment, we are expecting company (our good friends, Eddie, Stacy, their 15 month old Michael, and baby #2 who we meet in February!) for dinner and a movie. I am making crab cakes (great recipe from Paula Deen's Savannah Country Cookbook), spinach salad with turkey bacon, sunflower seeds, feta, and balsamic vinagrette, home made wheat bread that is in its final stage of rising, and some homemade cake batter icecream that I copied from Bruester's (yummy!).
It is pouring rain outside, hopefully it will bring the temperature down a few degrees...maybe to 100?
My house is clean, with a fresh tablecloth and my red footed bowl filled with fruit. My new Maroon 5 cd is playing and the kids are sitting on the couch together watching a baby einstein video and drinking chocolate milk. This is usually the hardest time of day...we are all cranky, I am trying to cook and keep the peace and do kids baths and finish up the housework and get the boys in their jammies and into bed...but today is good because I have back up (that would be the Saulsy, in case you wondered).
Baby B is sweet as can be. He has these wise little eyes that just study me...he is an old soul, I think. What a joy to have three little boys. Hey I'm a poet and didn't know it! And on that lame little note, I am going to go finish dinner! Until next time...

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    I was there. She's not making it up! Mom