Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just wanted to give a quick update on everything here, now that Bauer has been with us for almost two weeks!
It is going great. Really. He is (so far!) a very easy baby. Landing and Caed love him (huge answer to prayer). He goes in for his two week check up tomorrow. Life is pretty much the same as it was before. Everyone told me that once you had two, having three wasn't that much different. So far, that seems to be pretty true for us.

I do have to say though, we have had lots of help. This week, I have had all three of the boys without any assistance, but we have had so many meals, babysitting help last week, prayers, etc. Matt has also been an incredible help to me. From washing dishes, putting the kids to bed, bathing them, running errands, etc. he has made my life so much easier. And he has been doing all this on top of work, school bids, papers and homework for his masters classes, teaching sunday school (on being an excellent husband, which in my personal opinion, he is well qualified to teach :)), and counselling. He continues to amaze me.

Having Bauer was a totally different experience from having my other children. From the pregnancy, which was by far the best yet, to the delivery (I didn't hyperventilate this time!), to the hospital stay (4 days instead of 2), to my emotional state afterwards, etc. this has just been a wonderful experience. I won't lie...there were definitely challenging days of pregnancy. Just ask those who know me best. I really, really struggled with patience toward Caed. That was very frustrating and humbling. But even with that, this pregnancy was light years ahead of my others. Truly, it makes me want to have more children. Gasp! I guess that is good, since Matt wants 6!! :)

So, now I am on with the business of losing this baby weight! 25 pounds down, 52 to go!

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