Tuesday, February 05, 2008

AWESOME DIAPERSI have been using these diapers for a month or so now, but have waited to mention them, because I wanted to make sure that I really was satisfied with them before recommending them to others. With my eight month old, I use cloth diapers during the day, and these diapers at night or when not at home. I use these diapers with my two year old almost exclusively, with cloth training pants thrown in every once in awhile.

I was so happy to discover these diapers (and wipes, as well as shampoo, disposable bags, lotion and rash cream) at Target. I was especially pleased to see that not only are the diapers biodegradable, chlorine and dye free, and plastic free, but the packaging is also biodegradable and made from natural plant products. Not only will these diapers and wipes not be rotting in the landfill for umpteenth years, but they are much better for our babies as well. I think these are a great solution for those who want to make a more environmentally responsible choice, but aren't wiling to go for cloth. I like using cloth during the day, but they always leak at night, so I am happy to have an alternative for bedtime.

How do they compare to other disposable diapers? Price-wise, they are comparable. They are about the same price, and sometimes cheaper, than Pampers and Huggies. The wipes also, are about the same price. I love the wipes. They are so soft and stretchy. I mostly use homemade flannel wipes, which I LOVE, but these are nice to have on hand for the truly heinous diapers, as well as for in the diaper bag. The diapers don't have as much give to them as Pampers Cruisers, but I haven't had any problems with them. Most of the time, my children do not leak through these diapers, even when worn overnight. I have been completely satisfied.

If you want to try them, you can go here to order online. If you use the referral code "laurel", you will receive $5 off your first order, and I will receive $1 credit for referring you. However, if you are near a Target, you might want to go there, as they are about $2 cheaper a package.


  1. i'll have to try these. I used cloth until they have "real" poops (my kids always are more runny than the average!! :)and then I can't handle it and go back to disposables. I use Luvs but had REALLY been wanting a better option that still worked well. I was going to Target today so I'm going to try them!

  2. Hey laurel! I found out that Heritage Farms delivers boxs once a week to Sugar Magnolia. You may already know this, or may already get a box. But, I just wanted to let you know in the case you were'nt aware. Happy Week!

  3. Went to our Target and they didn't carry anything of this brand :( I was very bummed. Will continue to keep my eye out for it!