Thursday, February 21, 2008


I finally found a few quiet minutes to upload some pictures that have been hanging out on my camera for the last few weeks. Thought I would share a few of them with you now. I nailed two of the four frames for my raised bed, square foot gardens yesterday. I hope to get them filled w/ soil over the week-end, and plant them with spinach, lettuces, etc. on Monday. I really like the gravel path ways in between. Two more beds will be going in to the right. I am very excited about these! This picture was taken from my kitchen porch. It will be so fun to come out here to my kitchen garden and pick fresh vegetables for dinner! I can't wait.
I didn't get many pictures of our master bath, pre-renovation but here is one looking in from our bedroom. This door has now been moved to another wall, just to the right and the shower is where that door and the sink were. I am still on the hunt for a claw foot tub to rehab. I must say, I am having a lot of fun looking for old materials, thinking outside of the box about ways to re-use the materials from our old bathroom in a new way, and ultimately, getting the classic, well-done bathroom I want on a budget and using as many reclaimed items as possible. I will do a whole post on this later, with links to my inspiration pictures.
Because the door to the bathroom was being moved to the wall our bed was on, I had to rearrange our bedroom and put the bed on a different wall. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The colors throughout the rest of the house are much more earthy and strong than in our bedroom, and I love how tranquil our room feels.

I have more to share, but I hear a sick baby that has just woken from a nap. More later!


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  2. Laurel, what a great blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. Keep in touch. Lovely read.