Thursday, February 21, 2008

BATHROOM RENOVATION Our bathroom renovation is in full swing. We are about halfway through, and I am busy picking out materials, paint colors, etc. Here is how I am doing my best to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle during our bathroom project.
The square footage of our bathroom did not change at all. We pulled out a large sink w/ a cabinet and three drawers. I plan to reuse this cabinet in another bathroom we will be adding later this year (this is the first in a series of projects we are doing to the house). All the cabinetry in the house was custom made and are the same style, so I would like to reuse it later. I really liked the sink and fixture that were existing in the old bathroom, so we will be reusing those in the new bathroom. We will also be reusing the sconces that were above the sink (I don't have a picture of them handy). They are pewter and glass, very pretty and classic. The sink basin and faucet will be set in a new base, which our builder is going to make for me. It will look similar to this, though probably with only one shelf. I am hoping to find a white cararra marble remnant, but if not, will use wood, painted and sealed with a water-proof sealant.

We will be reusing the doors, toilet, switch plates, sconces, sink, and sink faucet. I had hoped to save the floor (1 inch thick slate tile, which is in all the bathrooms, kitchen, and around the fireplace), but it couldn't be matched. I left the house while they tore it up, I hated to see it go! I am going to go through pieces though, and see if any are big enough to salvage for a small patio area. We are going to replace the floor with 12 inch pine boards, painted white. I have always wanted a white wood floor, but knew it would be impossible to keep clean with three small boys. Now that this bathroom will not be open to the rest of the house (we just took out a door that was accessible from the hallway), I am going for it! Plus, it is a more economical than other flooring options. Here is a picture of what the floors will look like (as a side note, I love this sink too, but it is just too expensive, even from a local place).

The shower will be tiled on three walls, with a glass door on the fourth. The floor will be slate tiles, and the walls will be a white square tile, with little hints of the blue/gray that is in the floor tile. There will be a small corner bench, as well as two low-flow shower heads.
I am hoping to do the walls in pine planks, laid horizontally, up to about five feet, and topped with a picture ledge moulding. Here is an idea of what that will look like.

I am going to be buying an old claw foot tub to refinish, and will be painting the outside. I am also looking for an old chandelier to hang over the tub. I really like this shelf and picture (I don't care for the particular picture, just the concept. Though I do like the frame) hanging at the foot of the tub, and will probably try to recreate this look in our new bathroom.

I am not decided on paint colors yet, other than the floor. I am thinking of doing an all white bathroom. Suggestions are welcome!

Any construction materials that we are unable to use or that are left over from this project, will either be used in our future remodeling projects, or will be given away on freecycle.


  1. Laurel,
    It looks great!
    I do love the idea of white wood floors.
    If it were me, I would do an all white bathroom.
    There is an old "Shabby Chic" book (maybe at your library) that has my dream bathroom in it. (all white, simple)

  2. So fun - I love remodeling projects. I wish you lived close by because we have a marble slap from our bathroom remodel and I can't get it to work in the new bathroom - different angles and all! Great ideas - can't wait to see more.

  3. WOw! Y'all are busy!!! It looks great though. I love that you know exactly what you want. I never have a clue. It takes me forever to decide... that's why it takes so long to get finished!!! Ha!

    Love the flowers, too! So pretty and a nice feminine touch within all that testosterone! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Teresa2:50 PM

    I love the way you're reinventing the house. I had lots of ideas on how to tweak the layout, but I balked at ripping up the slate. You're a braver woman than I!

  5. You've got an award waiting for you at my blog... swing by and pick it up! :)

  6. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Laurel -- It will look GREAT! I do adore that sink, my how I wish it were less expensive. Happiest Week to you! It was good to see you (live) last week. I regret not being more "presentable" we have been recovering from two bouts of the virus and one flu case between the three of us. The good news is: we all feel great (now).