Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Run, don't walk, over to Walk Slowly, Live Wildly and read this post on simplicity. It is so, so good. As I said in my comment on Sara's post, I seriously check her blog about fourzillion times a day, because of her amazing posts like this. I WANT this life. I really, really do. I am slowly baby-stepping my way...taking three steps forward, then two steps back. Re-evaluating. Thinking.
I think simplifying must be done in layers. Get rid of a little more clutter, breaking ties with the things that we hide behind, thinking they make us important and happy. We let a few things go and realize that it isn't true, that we don't even miss them. And a little later, we dig a little deeper, loosen our grasp on a few more possessions. And so it continues, hopefully. Every time I read a post of Sara's, I feel compelled to go clean out another cabinet and take another load to Goodwill. You can find more from her at her other site, the Live Lightly Tour.


  1. Awwwww...sweet mama. Thanks so much for the link! I totally agree that it must happen in layers for it to really "stick". And the more you do it, the easier it becomes...keep pressing on :)

  2. I especially liked how Sara described, "...as you pour the crystal clear water into the kettle, you listen carefully to the sound of the water splashing on the bottom." and, "You pour your creamer in and stand amazed at the lovely patterns it makes as it blends into the liquid." Now that is how I want to live life! I think I've got a looooong way to go!

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted dreads. I am just not confident enough for them. Did I stress ALWAYS enough. I have ALWAYS wanted dreads! Thanks for posting the link. BTW, any news on the tour bus stopping in the boro?

  4. P.S. Do you know anyone interested in going to the UnConference in Savannah -- for bloggers? I think I am going to go -- wondering if any others from this area are attending -- it's free