Monday, January 14, 2008

A DAY OF THE NECESSARYTonight during dinner, I mentioned to my dear hubby that I wanted to make patchwork quilts for the three twin beds in the boys' room. He said "I don't know where you find the time to do stuff like that!". In truth, I DON'T have a lot of extra time (who does?!). I fully anticipate that it will take many months to make three small, very simple patchwork quilts. But, I also know that there are many activities in my day that suck the time away (this computer being the biggest!). That conversation led to a little mini challenge. Just how much could I get done in a day, if I only did what was necessary?
Tomorrow, for 24 hours, I am only going to do what is important for the welfare of my family. The hubby and I established that would include:

-Taking care of the children (feeding, bathing, dressing, and generally meeting their needs. Also, playing, reading to, praying with, etc.)

-Taking care of the house (laundry, cleaning, maintenance)


-Taking care of myself (shower, dressing, and devotions)

So, what will I NOT do tomorrow?
-No computer (this one will be the hardest)
-Very little phone (only when necessary)
-No TV (I watch very little TV anyway, and when I do, I am always folding or ironing laundry)
-No reading magazines or books, decorating

I am hoping for a two-fold result. One, that my hubby will see how busy I am caring for our home and children, and be eternally amazed and grateful to have me (grin)! And two, that I will see more clearly what "extras" add true enjoyment and value to my life, and what I would benefit by cutting back on. I don't think I am a big time waster, but I know that I spend too much time on the computer. Maybe I will really surprise myself, and, by the end of the day, will have a spotlessly clean house, well behaved, clean children, and a healthy, delicious dinner that pleases all family members, prepared in a timely manner (insert wild laughter here). See you Wednesday!

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  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Does doing the "necessary" for yourself include cutting out your black linen dress which we could do when you pick up Landing around 9:00? Mom

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Boo! and Hiss! to prioritizing your family and children and not blogging every spare second.

    Without your daily inspiration I might just race out the door and start purchasing toys with flashing lights and ordering Thai food every night for dinner. How can I keep up this simple life thing without you?

    I am REALLY hoping you discover that blogging is vital to your happiness and that you would be a better parent if you blogged every day.

    Chant this mantra while hanging laundry out to dry "My public needs me. My public needs me."