Thursday, January 24, 2008

BEFORE I DIE...With that new movie, the Bucket List, that is out now, I have been thinking about things that I would like to do before I die. Most of the things I want to do or try are not grand ideas...just small little things that I think I would enjoy.

I will never forget a phone call I had with my mother when I was in college. She called and told me about a list she had made when she was twenty. A list of things she wanted to accomplish before she died. That day, she told me she had just marked the last item off her list. She was 44. That is one of the things I have always admired about my mom. She doesn't just think and dream about the things she wants to do. She doesn't make excuses. She goes for it. She makes it happen. She did every single thing on her list. And then she made a new list. Since finishing up her first list she has taken a writing course. She plans to write her own book, Hiding in my Hammock. She took up photography. She loved it and has gone on to do photo shoots, has been written up in a local magazine, has won several contests and awards, and now is part owner in a gallery downtown where she sells and showcases her work. She has discovered and developed a whole new creative side of herself she didn't even know existed.

I want to be more that way. I am more easily defeated than my mother. I sometimes get bogged down in the DAILINESS of life. But there is much beauty in the dailiness. I don't want to diminish the importance of that. I want to always love my life where I am right now, and to make it as wonderful as it can possibly be. I really feel like I had huge growth in this area in 2007. Learning to really embrace the dailiness and make it beautiful. Cloth diapers, hanging laundry on the line, fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing clutter, etc. all really added a tangible quality to the quotidian events of my day.
At the same time, I want to have aspirations...dreams that rise above the daily demands of life. My "to do before I die" list is not very grand. As I think about it more, I am sure my list will grow. But here it is for starters. Will you share a few of yours with me?

-Finish my college degree: I want to switch from Business Management (I am lacking about 30 hours to graduate) to Culinary Arts, which is what I have really always wanted to do. Also, I want to take the rest of the Latin courses (I did the first one), even though it won't count towards my major. I really love Latin.

-Pick up piano again: I want to get back to a point where I can really enjoy playing.

-Learn to knit a sweater

-Read through the entire Bible

-Take a road trip. Explore the United States.

-Learn to make a really good cheesecake. And gravy. And a layer cake.

-Revisit Italy

-Run a 5K, then (if I like it), a 12K

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  1. i can help with cheesecake and the gravy and the sweater. love!

  2. Again with the parallel lives... My topic for Simple & Slow Fridays is DAILINESS! :) Great minds...

    I love this idea of THE LIST. I think I should do this, too. I've been in mom mode for so long I've kind of stopped dreaming about the future for awhile... too busy living in the moment with diapers and nursing and not sleeping and.... and...

    I'm going to do this. I just really want to think about it. It's like a new year's resolution for life, I guess. If you don't really give it thought and WANT to commit you won't. So, off I go to think... or change a diaper...

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs to all,

  3. Your Mama9:23 AM

    I can help with the trip to Italy. CIAO BELLA! Mama

  4. your mama is inspiring :) Way cool. I always call these years with young children "the hidden years"...I am at home and all my "good works" are hidden from most people but honor the Lord...years of maturing, learning, slowing down,etc.. I have gotten way more inspired the last year too to dream of the future and things I want to intentional life!
    I'll have to ponder this b/c I haven't made a formal list. Definitely one of our family goals is to tour the take the kids to the grand canyon and mt. rushmore and I have a goal to go to the Pacific Northwest with my sisters in the next few years. I want to learn to knit and make sourdough bread. To have a lifestyle of hospitiality with mothers,children, and families regularly in our home. Take a calligraphy course. Own a convertible again!


    since we love love love diana gabaldon.

  6. What a great idea, to make your list public. Your mom sounds like a phenomenal woman!

    My husband & I each have a 100 dreams list: Mine has things like Own Bees. Own Mini Goats. Learn to Milk Them. Learn to Make Butter, Cheese and Soap. Visit Norway. Take a "Little House" vacation (go to where Laura lived).