Saturday, January 26, 2008

FIRST ITEM ON "THE LIST"One of the items on my LIST is to run a 5K. I have always been interested in running a race. Runners seem so motivated. Well, Carpe Diem, that's what I say!! I am officially running my first race, with my good friend, Amanda, on March 29th! It is a 5K and I am really excited about it. I am going to follow this training schedule.

I have had several friends and family members who have been very negative and doubtful of my abilities to do this. I admit, at first it really hurt my feelings. But, I have decided to turn the negative comments into extra motivation. I am starting today and my registration is in the mail!!

I am really excited to train for and run this race because:
-It is something I would like to check off "my list"
-I like competition, a challenge, working toward a goal
-I have weight to lose
-It will be fun to do this with my friend
-It will be exciting to measure my progress

There are a few things I need to get.
-New tennis shoes
-New battery in my sports watch
-New sports bra
-A workout outfit or two (I have gotten rid of all my old ratty tee shirts and old soccer shorts)
-Some upbeat tunes for the Ipod

I would like your input on the last one. Do you have a particular song or playlist that you find really motivating for exercise? I would love some suggestions.
I am looking forward to turning my dreams into a reality. The first step is today, when I put my tennis shoes on and hit the pavement.

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  1. Awesome! Don't know about the songs, but the best running/tennis shoes I've ever had (and will stick with) are made by doctors: Brooks Raduis 7. They are SO comfy and cushiony. So.... if I can't think of anything to put on my LIST, does that mean I'm missing out on life, or I'm just really content? Really, I can't think of anything at all. Maybe you should brainstorm with me sometime.

  2. Good for you, Laurel! I'm behind you all the way. Well, actually, I'll be way behind you sitting on my butt waiting to hear how it goes! Ha! :)

    Seriously, you have my support. Forget about the negative comments...


    You go girl!

    As for the tunes, I have no suggestions except where to point you if you want a lot of answers to your question...

  3. I so admire runners. Kudos for getting a plan together. Your motivation is inspiring!

  4. yay for the new sports bra we got yesterday! now for tunes,

    madonna, the album that has Holiday on it.
    the cars
    a few death cab songs
    bay city rollers.

  5. james brown
    beastie boys...hey!

  6. run D.M.C.
    rocky soundtrack

  7. I am inspired by your list and your motivation. I picked up running between kid #3-4 - when the day comes that I am not pregnant I will definitely pick it up again. You will learn to love it.

    Kinda of strange but I like Bruce Springsteen - "Born To Run" - something about the grit in his voice . . . I also always have a little Dave Matthews, Fergie and Dixie Chicks.

    Good luck to you - you will come to cherish your running time.

  8. Oh, Laurel. I am so impressed. I used to run. I wish i could get back into it now. I am not good with my ipod so I don't really have a workout play list.

  9. Good for you!!! I so admire your doing this!! I will sip coffee from my bedside and cheer you on :)
    Don't know about some good tunes...I am a country music girl for the most part :) Maybe Shania?? :)

  10. ok i wrote a comment but it didn't show up - a 5k is awesome and you will love running it!!! It is such a great high when you finish and will help jumpstart your future running. I know you can do it and think you will really enjoy it. My music suggestion is the Step Up Soundtrack. Great upbeat songs with clean lyrics! I listen it to at least one song from it every run.