Wednesday, November 07, 2007


...So much for your input on the Christmas gifts. I am glad I asked you, because I had been planning to give granola in mason jars...but that choice came in dead last, so it looks like it is either vanilla extract or gingerbread biscotti w/ white chocolate icing. I think I will do the biscotti because I did the vanilla a few years ago.
I gave some of the biscotti to my friend, Charlotte, a few weeks ago, in honor of her fabulous new teapot and loose leaf teas, and she said it was yummy (and she would tell me if it wasn't). I plan to package them for Christmas the same way I packaged hers. Wrapped in brown butcher paper (that I bought a few months back at the Discount Food Store for $1 a roll), tied with red string, with a cute label attached. I am going to pile them in a basket by my kitchen door for guests and neightbors that come by during the holidays. Thanks everyone for the opinions!

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