Monday, February 02, 2009

I HAVE A PLAN(My new mortar and pestle that my inlaws gave me for Christmas. I love it!)
I have a plan that involves getting a grip, pulling it together, acting like an adult, and doing the next right thing.
In short: I am going to clean my house.
I am almost 13 weeks pregnant and feeling a little better every day. The blood clot is still present, so I am still technically "taking it easy" but this house is Out. Of. Control. My loose plan is to spend this week restoring my house to order, which involves lots and lots of laundry and dishes, picking up and putting away random stuff, changing sheets, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, etc. It will also involve at least one trip to both Goodwill and the recycling center. I am not going to be going crazy and clean for 12 hours a day or anything. Probably just 15 minutes or so out of each hour. That should be doable. The other 45 minutes of each hour will be resting, reading, playing with the boys, teaching Caedmon his lessons, and such.

Then, next week will be the fun week. House project week. Oh yes. Painting the boys beds, sorting through children's clothes, starting to organize/paint/decorate the nursery, an art project for above the mantel, planting herbs, and even more decluttering. It could be great. But I can't get to the fun stuff while my house is in chaos. Plus, my hubby has been unbelievably sweet lately. Like, looking for his ulterior motive sweet. So, this will be a nice way to bless him. The poor man does love a clean house. For the record, he is the one who wanted a houseful of kids. Sorry, sweetheart, you can't have it both ways. And the kids are here to stay (for at least the next 18 years or so). But the house could be a lot cleaner than it is now, there's no arguing that.

So, here is what I am hoping to do today. I know how y'all love some before and after pics, so I will post some of those in awhile, so you can gasp in horror at my house.
-Ironing. The dear man has no pants to wear, and hasn't for days. And he hasn't complained once. Getting some ironed pants in his closet is a top priority for today.
-Laundry. Literally, I couldn't put Bauer to bed last night until I had done laundry. It is that bad. I am rewashing the load in the washer for the third time right now, b/c I keep washing them and leaving them so long that they smell bad and have to be rewashed. I am just being honest.
-Picking up clutter.
The rest of the items on the list will probably not get done today but am listing them just in case.
-Changing the sheets. I have been eating saltines in bed and sleeping in crumbs is starting to drive us both crazy. This is a top priority for Tuesday, if it doesn't happen today.
-Cleaning the boys room. It is GROSS.


  1. I can come over for project week. I seriously cannot put anything else on my bed,(which has been my resident project while everything else around here takes a back seat).... Anyway. bed looks and feels fabulous though. :)

    In your same boat with ironing and laundry. UGH!!! can't it just give us a break for ONE DAY!?

  2. Good luck on tackling your list! Reading your post gave me flashbacks to my first trimester and my sad, sad house. Be careful to not over do it, though.

  3. I could have written that post... except for the pregnant part. My house is AWFUL. We've been battling sickness and sinus issues having little desire to do anything lately.

    My task for today is to just pick up things. I can't find my floor. Tomorrow will be baking soda/vinegar day... with a little bleach thrown in too! :)

    Somewhere in all of that I need to fold the three loads of laundry sitting on my couch and do the other 5 loads waiting to be washed. YUCK.

    Oh, and if you've visited my blog lately, you've seen the play room. OH. MY. WORD. I'm sure something is growing in there! :)

    Thanks for sharing your list! Now, I must get back to mine!

    Remember to take it easy!

  4. OK, the laundry one...about leaving the clothes in there and forgetting about them and then rewashing them....I do that....A LOT! And I am not pregnant or overwhelmed and exhausted....I'm just blond. : ) Don't worry it will all get done. Call if you need help...I'm just down the street.

  5. congrats on your pregnancy! i am not sure if you had announced that you were expecting yet. i have been in and out with checking blogs lately.

  6. I like your plan!!
    My bedroom was soooo GROSS, I spent most of Saturday organizing my closet, cleaning off clothes off the couch in my room that had been there since December and putting up clean clothes that had been sitting in baskets FOREVER. It felt GREAT! Today I tackled my messy, messy, laundry room. In the meantime, I'm thinking of how to freshen up my house with new pillows or throw rugs or accent lamps.
    My plan in the next month is to go through each room and declutter and deep clean (clean mattress pads, slipcovers, etc.) I also rearranged my bedroom and took out the yucky rug that was in there and I am loving the change. Keep us updated on how it is going!!

  7. Hallelujah! Standing ovation!

  8. If I were there, I'd come over, and start cleaning!! Bekah'd love to play with your little ones. Sorry...but the drive's a little long...but I'm there in spirit. :)

  9. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I'm completely late, but congrats on your pregnancy!! I can completely relate - my house is a disaster & I just can't motivate myself to get anything done, and I only have one little one running around. Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get it done. :-)