Wednesday, February 04, 2009

DECORATING THE NURSERYNext week we find out the sex of baby Sauls. I feel more anticipation over finding out this time than I think I have with any of the others. Are we going to have four boys? Or three boys and a girl? Four boys just seems so crazy. I mean, four boys...that's a lot of testosterone. On the other hand, having a girl would totally shake things up around here. Either way, the nursery needs a facelift. We moved here when Landing was ten months old. For the first few months, there was a lot of shifting around.
We started out with Caedmon and Landing sharing this small bedroom (now the nursery) and the master bedroom was in what is now the boy's bedroom. That didn't make a lot of sense for us, and eventually, we moved to the downstairs bedroom and made the largest bedroom in the house the boys room. Anyway, so the boys shared the nursery for a few months, then it became the nursery for Bauer when he came along. I have done zero decorating to this room. I would really like to get it pulled together for this baby.

This is already a really great room. Lots of interesting slopes of the roofline, the little alcove where the bed is, and this fun little hidden room in the corner.
All the furniture will remain in here. The green desk and the armoire were in my room as a child, and I finally begged long enough to get them. I will be repainting the armoire, but the desk will remain green. I am thinking of doing a mostly white nursery, with accents of the green from the desk. If it is a girl, I will probably bring in a teensy amount of pale pink. For a boy, some other accent color. Not sure yet. Any suggestions or ideas?
I really love the inspiration from Sanctuary and Toast. Really simple and clean with a few pops of color. Anywho, I am hoping to get started on this room soon and would love any suggestions.


  1. I like clean looking rooms. White with a pop of grren is great for either a boy or a girl. Potterybarn kids has bedding called "Pique" and it comes in a green that would be perfect...and its on sale! Are you thinking about white walls? Or is that too crazy with a house full of boys?

  2. well if it is girl you HAVE to add some PINK!!!!

  3. Have you checked out Apartment Therapy's nursery site?

    I love the armoire white...I wouldn't paint it :) My choice would be a warm, yet light lavender on the walls if it's a girl. I love lavender and green together. If it's another boy...blues and browns are quite trendy :) You wouldn't have to do much if you could tie it all together with the perfect area run with lots of colors in it.


  4. i agree with Sara. Don't paint the armoire!!! But I just love white furniture and it reminds me of playing in your room. :)and yes, pink if you have a girl, and maybe a fun light fixture. I've been looking for an inexpensive vintage chandelier for my "new" nursery.

  5. FYI-
    I am repainting the armoire, but plan to keep it white. The paint is peeling (and not in a good, shabby chic sort of way). So I am just repainting it the same color.

  6. Well now that we know it's a boy, I can say that I really love the blue walls with the green accent that you have going now.
    I do agree with Sara--the blue and brown combo is really nice, but you could still leave the green desk and painting with that color scheme.
    I wouldn't use a rug in the space, I like the bare floors, since you are going with the "simple" look.
    Make sure you let us know what you did!!

  7. Laurel, in my experience, a rug really does make the room seem smaller, but we did it for the crawling stage and to catch all the drool! (rug is looong gone!). Like you, we had a white armoire. I like your idea to add new colors. We experimented with various quilts on the wall, but mainly kept accessories in the white family.