Friday, December 28, 2007

SIMPLE CHRISTMASOur whole family fell sick two days before Christmas. The new Christmas tradition is to have Christmas Day dinner here at our house. This year we had a small crowd, with only Matt's parents, my parents, my three brothers, two girlfriends, my sister, our three boys, Matt, and myself. I was so glad we had a simple Christmas planned...we didn't feel up to doing much. In our family, Matt is the big shopper. He LOVES to shop. He went to Wal.Mart three times on Christmas Eve! I don't hate to shop, but I don't do it every often either. I also despise clutter, spending money, and consumerism in general. So, I was excited to have a simple Christmas, but worried about how the hubby would feel about it. Here is the breakdown of what we bought and how much we spent.
-Digital Camera $25
-Candy Necklace Kit $1
-Land Before Time Video $2
-Bath Paints and Crayons $4
-Misc. stocking items (new nerf bullets, candy, etc.) $4

-Band in a Box $14 (used off Ebay, includes shipping)
-Candy Necklace Kit $1
-Bath Paints and Crayons $4
-Misc. stocking items $4

-Sound Machine $20

Matt: (we don't really exchange christmas presents anymore)
-Stocking gifts $6

Other Gifts:
-2 gifts for family dutch auction $10 ($5 limit, per gift)
-Terra cotta pots* $7
-Other misc. gifts for friends and family $15

Food: (My part of christmas dinner)
-Ham $30
-Gratin Potatoes $3 (had most of the ingredients)
-Yeast Bread $2 (for the flour)


*The terra cotta pots were to make these for several friends. I already had chalkboard paint. B/c we have been sick, I haven't given them out yet, but I am planning to paint the pots, plant a rosemary bush (my mom has several small plants shooting off her rosemary bush that she is going to give me) in each one, then write "Rosemary" in chalk on the side of the pot. Cute, huh?

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