Saturday, December 08, 2007

GRATITUDEThis is the first chance I have had to post since Monday. It has been a ROUGH week. I won't bore you with the details but it all started with Caedmon breaking his leg on Monday and quickly went down hill from there. I don't know which has been more frustrating...the events that have transpired this week, or the way I have responded to them. Sharp reminders all around me, reminding me that I can do nothing, NOTHING right without the grace of my sweet Savior.

On nights like this, when I have nothing kind to say, I turn to my gratitude journal. I started this journal a few years ago when I was having a week just like this one. Sitting and writing down a few things that I am thankful for never fails to change my perspective. A few things that come to mind tonight...

-My children (though infinitely frustrating), love me, even when I yell

-My hubby, who is brave enough to lovingly set me straight, even when I am shooting him "THE LOOK"

-The friends who have lifted me up and encouraged me this week...Mom, Charlotte, Leigh Anne, Stacy, Michelle, Amanda, Louise, Pastor name just a few

-That every week is not like this one

-The smell of Christmas...cinnamon sticks on the stove, the Christmas tree, fresh baked bread

-The laundry, piled up in my laundry room. We have clothes to wear.

-The sink full of dirty dishes. We have food to eat.

-The silence around me. My children are sleeping.

-The chaos of a messy house. We have more material possessions than 80% of the world. We have a cozy little house that I love. We have abundance.

I am reminded of a part of a hymn I love: "Jesus, Cast a Look on me. Give me sweet simplicity. Make me poor, and keep me low. Seeking only Thee to know."

I have felt both poor and low this time, in rest, in spirit. And I have prayed. And prayed. Prayed for patience, for kindness, for love. I have asked for peace, for energy, for perspective.

Things will get better. And I will pray less. I will forget how much I need Him. I hate that I forget! So lastly, on my list tonight,

-I am grateful for this week, full of frustrations and disappointments, that points me to the cross, and reminds me, once again, of my constant need for a Savior.


  1. sweet post and amen!

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    You're learning the secret to a happy life. I'm still learning it; and relearning it; and relearning it.... Mama

  3. let it be so: amen.

    I am with you, Laurel. Parallel lives. This too shall pass.

    I don't have much to add, except that if you need another friend, you know where to reach me.

    love ya! (in a nice way, not a creepy way! LOL!)


  4. I enjoyed reading your blog - I am impressed with your energy reduction and feel I have found a kindred spirit!

  5. Laurel,
    Oh how my heart ached when I read this entry because it hit so close to home. Thank you for your words which point us up instead of inward.

  6. I love your gratitude attitude. You are ALWAYS an inspiration. I am thankful for you and your super-swank blog!

  7. gratitude can sure change our healthy. So sorry about Caedmon's leg and your rough week...will say a prayer for you right now!