Monday, December 31, 2007

GOODBYE, 2007 ...HELLO, 2008Earlier today, I was reading a post from The Blazing Center about what you want people to say about you when you die, to help you make decisions about the way you live. While this may seem morbid, I have always found it very helpful in really getting to the heart of the matter...what do I value?...What do I want to be remembered for, when it is all said and done?

This is an exercise that I do several times a week. When I am feeling overwhelmed and can't decide what to tackle first, when I catch myself becoming frustrated with the boys because they are getting in the way of me "getting stuff done", when the margins of my life get too small and I need to pare down, I ask myself "what is going to matter in eternity?" This question has also been good for reminding me to "not sweat the small stuff". While it might seem really important at the moment to "be right" about something trivial, or to be annoyed when my hubby forgot to pick up his shoes (again!), asking myself "will this matter in eternity? Or even in five minutes?" can really help me put things back in perspective.

So, in that vein, instead of making resolutions, I am going to make a list of things I want to be remembered for when I die. Hopefully, over the course of 2008, I will come a little closer to living out my ideals on a regular basis.

When I die, I hope people say...

...that my love for Christ showed in everything I did Phil. 4:4
...that my husband delighted in me. That I made his life better by taking good care of our home and children, and that he trusted me. Prov. 31:11
...that I never spoke a negative word about my husband Prov. 31:23
...that I lived a simple life. Content with little, happy in all circumstances, always available to those in need Phil. 4:11
...that my word could be trusted. I followed through on commitments and did not make idle promises Prov. 21:23
...that I was a hard worker Prov. 31:13-15
...that I was cheerful Prov. 15;13
...that I was a good listener James 1:19
...that I was a good mother, that spoke kindly and with patience Col. 3:12

I hope that as you look ahead to the new year, that your deepest desires are realized and that even the simplest of quotidian tasks become extraordinary. Happy New Year!

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