Sunday, December 23, 2007

GUEST BLOGGER, THOUGHTS ON THE SIMPLE LIFE, PT 1I am very pleased to introduce my first ever, guest blogger!

This is a person who I have mentioned here many times. Her wisdom and insights have been and always will be, invaluable to me. No matter how many times a day I call with a question, complaint, or just to talk, she always has time for me. Many of my thoughts on simplicity, stillness, and contentment, have come from her. She has raised five children, all of whom she home schooled. At the same time, she built a home, with hours of research put into making it as authentic a period home as possible. It was built, in large part, with salvaged and found materials that she spent several years accumulating. She cans her own food, sews, raises chickens, teaches bible studies, plays piano, leads book groups and writes. Now that four of her five children are grown, she is exploring (formerly hidden) talents in photography and other art forms. She has recently become part owner in a gallery downtown. She is an idealist, a dreamer, and a mountain woman. She is my mother.

I was reading an interview with Thomas Moore last
night. A little more light was shed, for me,
concerning the "simple life" we all crave. Here is a
portion of what he said: "I think we need to get to
the point where our spirituality is so infused in our
daily life that you can't separate the enjoyment of
secular existence from a spiritual awareness. This has
to do with facing life as it comes, every single
aspect of life, and giving yourself to it completely."

Bonhoeffer said, " The challenge is to find God in the
thick of life, in the best place, and not just where
we are falling apart."

It is living a life of constant prayer and communion
that St. Paul advocates; the "abiding" that Jesus
talks about. We have to bring "every thought
captive". It's much easier to be busy and not

For me, the simple life begins in my head and heart.
It's a slowing down to give thanks in all things.
Sometimes that requires stopping. And as I practice
this, I find myself repulsed by loud noise, mobs of
people, elevator music, fast much of what
our modern life contains. But that's just me. Others
aren't bothered by those things.

The real world is that place where the liturgy of the
hours and the daily life of the heart come together in

The simple life looks different for everyone, because
we're all unique. God is doing a special, sanctifying
work in each of us based on His will and our own
personality. But biblical principles must be the base
on which we build our individual lives.

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  1. I agree so much with "It's much easier to be busy and not 'think'". I like Laurel's words of "being intentional".

    Simplifying is such a process and it does take practice and commitment (as I am finding out). I'm baby-stepping my way to a simpler life and luckily I have my husband taking the baby steps with me.

    Just a great post all around! Welcome to blogging! I look forward to part II!