Friday, August 20, 2010

A Timer and 15 Minutes

This afternoon, I called my mom. When she answered, I started laughing hysterically but it was because I felt like crying.
I was totally overwhelmed.
The house was a bomb, the kids were wild and in need of naps, and I just stood in the kitchen, paralyzed into inactivity.
She was about to go out of town, and was feeling overwhelmed too with packing and the to-do list.
We reminded each other that we didn't need to do everything, we just needed to do the next thing.
We got off the phone, and set our timers for 15 minutes.

Setting my timer for 15 minutes and racing the clock is such a helpful exercise for me. It really brings me in to focus and gives me a jolt of energy. I am always amazed at how much I can accomplish in 15 minutes.
For example, this was my kitchen this afternoon:

This was my kitchen, after working for 15 minutes.

It wasn't perfect, but it was better.  As flylady says "even housework done incorrectly (or incomplete) still blesses your family!"


  1. I agree, Laurel! Last night our house looked like a bomb had gone off at bedtime. We set a timer for 10 mins, the hubby and kids worked in the living room and I tackled the kitchen! It was amazing how much we got done and this morning it was so much easier to face the day!

  2. I got the boarding passes printed, the library books renewed, and the packing started. I feel better now!

  3. yes yes! 15 minutes at a time...accomplishes A LOT! Way to go on getting perspective and doing the next thing...awesome.

  4. I completely agree. When I set a timer for 15 mins I get so much done. Your kitchen looks great!