Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Short Season

While we sat there watching them play, we talked about the years to come, when we won't be bringing floaties and swim diapers, when we won't need babysitters or be confined by nap times. 

We know that when we get there, we will be remembering these days wistfully.

Sometimes, looking forward helps us appreciate the here and now.


  1. so so true. i have to tell myself every day ;)

  2. We leave Monday to drop my son off at college In Illinois...we live in California. Enjoy every moment. This letting go stuff stinks-if you do a good job they leave!

  3. So sweet! These are the halcyon years; enjoy them as much as you can. You don't get a redo.

  4. This photo is priceless - I adore it. And yes, I agree. It's been hard lately to remember that this is only a season...thanks for the reminder...