Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shoes, simplified

Yesterday, I pulled out the boy's box of shoes from the attic. 
I had them try on their shoes from summer, then switch out the pairs that were too small with large sizes from the box. 

What is it about summer that makes children grow so quickly? 
Each of my boys had grown at least 2 shoe sizes.

Each of our boys have 4 pairs of shoes as they transition from summer to fall.

1 pair of flip flops or crocs
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of boots
1 pair of cleats

When it is truly fall, the flip flops will go into the shoe box in the attic. 
I love being able to shop for the next season from our attic. 
Shopping is one of my least favorite ways to spend time, 
and I am thankful for any chance to avoid it. 

The boys shoes, as well as the most frequently worn pairs of Matt's and mine,
reside in a large wire basket in a closet off of the kitchen. 
Having a single place near the entrance to drop shoes has made life much simpler. 

For fall, I will transition out of Chaco's, and will rotate primarily between 3 pairs of shoes

1 pair of Simple Shoes
1 pair of brown knee boots
1 pair of either Converse or Kigo's

In the next week or so, I am planning to go through the bins of clothes in the attic and pull together the boys' wardrobes for fall. I am guessing that I will need to purchase at least a few things, since boys are notorious for blowing out the knees of their pants (as it is now, I have a stack of 5 pairs in the laundry room, awaiting knee patches).

If you could only have one pair of shoes to wear, which would they be? 
I would have a tough time choosing between my Chaco's and Simple Shoes.


  1. My Chaco's would be my first choice... hands down. I went to try on red Converse a few weeks ago, but put them down and bought for the boys instead. BUT, I just printed a coupon for Rack Room Shoes yesterday... and unlike you, I wear my Chaco's year round :) I think you look super cute in your Simple Shoes...

  2. My favorite sneakers are Bensimons-so comfy and stylish too. I love that they are french and that not everyone has a pair.
    I love your simple plan!

  3. hubs and i have 5 pair each too. i have tevas, fit flops, new balance sneaks, black peep toe kitten heels and a pair of black round toe heels. hubs likes docs and crocs, matching tevas and sneaks and a great pair of dress shoes. neat!

  4. summer: my birkenstocks. no matter how much i *think* i want to wear cute sandals, i always wear my birkenstocks.
    winter: sorel winter boots or my fake uggs. =)

  5. My most favorite fall shoes are a pair of Doc Martens that I bought in high school (10 years ago) I love them so much and am going to be super sad when the day comes that something happens to them.


    Been a lurker for a while on your blog, I'm a mom to 4 boys as well, love reading about moms who are similar to me!

  6. Anonymous9:33 PM

    so glad you're coming! yes, let's peg dinner
    for one of those nights - can you and patti
    suggest two that would work?