Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I listed several items on Freecycle over the week-end. As a result, there were a number of people at my house throughout the day yesterday, picking up the items I had to give away.

It was only after several people had come and gone that I realized that one of my children was completely naked, except for his red cape.

A stranger pointed out the caped crusader, who was relieving himself on the driveway.

Motherhood is nothing if not humbling

 In other thoughts on mama life, I loved this NieNie video (click on the videos to see them full screen).

While I do not subscribe to the beliefs of the Mormon faith, I think her words here are applicable to anyone and her life is beautiful.

And while you are at it, watch this one too. I have 
watched it over and over and over again. 

Being a Mama is hard as heck, but man, 
what a privilege.


  1. I have never seen the first one...will go watch. That second video is one of my FAVES...it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.

  2. yep! i am so pleased i get to do this mom thing!!

  3. Sounds like life around my parents house growing up. One of my brothers was found behind the nativity scene at church relieving himself. Joys of boys!

  4. Nothing but a red cape :) thats is fabulous!
    I love it!!!

  5. heh!

    one of my best memories is being an older sister and watching with amusement as my little brother escaped naked from the house much to my mom's panic. :) of course, i wouldn't think that was funny now. unless it was happening to someone else. *hee*