Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 by 30

(this picture has nothing to do with the post below. I just like taking pictures of my dishes)

30 things I would like to do before I turn 30, next April.

30. Send my entire ironing pile to the dry cleaners, just once. And don't feel guilty about it. 8.15.10
29. Have a date night with each of my children.
28. Take a cooking class.
27. Have a family picture taken. 10.10
26. Volunteer with my children at a local charity.
25. Write a letter to each of my boys, for them to read when they are older.
24. Pay for the meal for the car behind us in a drive thru. 10.10
23. Write a letter to someone, expressing admiration for qualities I appreciate in them. Be specific.
21. Go canoeing. 5.29.10
20. Reach my ideal weight (20 pounds to go!).
19. Take a road trip with no particular destination in mind.
18. Take a hot yoga class.
17. Buy all new underwear.
16. Visit a nursing home with my children. 5.14.10
15. Don't say anything negative for an entire day. 5.23.10 
14. Get my piano tuned. And play it.
13. Give away a favorite possession.
12. Write a will.
11. Run a 5K in under 25 minutes (8 minute mile).
10. Add some really great playlists to my ipod. 
9. Do flylady consistently for at least a month.
8. Read a book aloud to the boys. Maybe Tom Sawyer?
7. Buy a harmonica. Sit on my back porch and play it.
6. Unplug from TV and internet for a day (or week?).
5. Make a blog book.
4. Organize a pick up game of soccer.
3. Read several books of the Bible.
2. Write a poem to Matt.
1. Run a marathon (Charleston Marathon, Jan. 2011). 1.15.11

What goals, silly or serious, are you working towards?


  1. Faith Abell6:25 PM

    I'll take the cooking class with you, but it'd have to be an evening one for me to do it. That site is awesome.

  2. I thought of a few goals that we have: 1)Lose 10 lbs. (at least,would like to lose 15)this summer, 2)To be debt free by January 2011, if not before, 3)To get pregnant in early 2011

  3. you are so awesome laurel! i love your list!!! go girl!

  4. I could copy most of these into my list (although I'm long past 30)... I would drop # 30, because I don't iron. I have long fantasized about # 19.... Route 66? And, YES, do #17. Nothing like it. Belks has deals on underwear; you can get a punch card for bras & panties. Buy 5 or 10 and get one free... DO IT!!! I consider my drawer of underwear my bling (not even that much lace; just all new-ish). Much better than jewelry ;) I'd like to start running; never mind the marathon-LOL! And read a book to Sophie... I cannot WAIT to read Jane Austen with her but, in the meantime... definitely Twain. Huck Finn was the book that turned me on to reading when I was 11. And I'd like to dump cable. We survived just fine without it on Shady Trail. Thanks for the list it was thought provoking.

  5. Love it! I'm still trying to work through my 101 things in 1,001 days! I know you'll get it all done. You're superwoman. haha.

  6. LOVE your list...i share many of your same goals and am inspired...although mine would have to be 40 by 40 :) And that would give me 3 years!

  7. I love your list! I was just thinking that I want to make a 40 by 40 list. I may borrow some of your ideas, but definitely not the marathon! LOL I have no desire...

  8. Love this idea - mine, too, would have to be 40 by 40. I could probably accomplish a lot in a little over two years. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  9. I am getting ready to turn 54 (Tues) and had been thinking about doing a "55 by 55" list when I read your post! Now I will have to for sure! I have a son turning 4 in three weeks (yes, I had him at age 50)and am a widow, so 1st on that list is taking care of me, so hopefully I can live to raise my son! I've put myself at the bottom of the list for a long time, when caring for my ill husband and adjusting to caring for a new baby, then being a widowed mom of a baby. Not that I want to put myself first, just needing to be healthier for my son!

  10. I was inspired of course...:) I think it's great to have a network of cyber friends that are such a challenge!!!:)

  11. What a great list!! :D I love your idea of taking a cooking class. I've always wanted to do that as well! :D

  12. oh goodness...are you really only turning 30? i'll be turning 40 next year and my main goal is to give myself a healthy body - although that does not include any desire to run a marathon.

    love your goals!

  13. great list, laurel. i am past 30 but i would love to add these to my bucket list. i agree with teresa, this is thought provoking. and, i love it.