Friday, April 17, 2009

CELEBRATING THE ORDINARYToday is a beautiful day. After a conference with the boys, we came to the unanimous decision that we should have a celebration.
What are we celebrating?
Well, it is Friday.
Our newest member of the family has now been alive for 23 weeks (only 16 weeks until we meet him!).
Our church is celebrating 25 years this week-end.
It is beautiful outside.
The house is pretty clean.
What more reason do we need?!

The menu was quickly decided:
Hot Tea (with lots of cream)
Cheese and Crackers
Orange slices
Funnel Cakes I started on the funnel cakes while the boys went outside and gathered flowers, grass, and hydrangea leaves to decorate the table. I gave them free rein, and they eagerly pulled out linen napkins, silverware, candles and candlesticks, platters, and vases. I filled the teapot. As we ate, we talked about who the boys enjoyed spending time with. We talked about the weather and the food. We talked about table manners. I so often feel like I am racing the clock to try and clean the house, cook, teach Caedmon, etc. And lately, I have been really frazzled. So, it was nice to spend the morning just connecting with the children and celebrating the everyday joys of our life. I am not good at just naturally doing that. It takes real effort on my part. But I am always so glad that I did. Sometimes it surprises me that I have to actively work to engage with and enjoy my children. It doesn't always come naturally, as I had expected it would. Often, caring for their physical needs leaves me feeling exhausted. But I want more than that for us. I want more days like today. I am thinking of ordering Blue Yonder's Book of Days. I think it would help me be more creative and interactive and celebratory on a daily basis. So here's to enjoying the everyday. There is beauty and wonderful things to celebrate all around us. We just have to take the time to notice.


  1. That sounds like fun. The boys drink Earl Grey? I'm impressed! Using nice dishes makes it special too. I usually find myself reaching for the kid dishes for Sophie, but lately I've been wanting to offer her the breakables too. I think we all feel more special when pretty dishware is on the table.

  2. Hey! Is that my tea pot and my tidbit? I think that's my candlestick, too! :) I wish I had the dishes that match your's, too. Such is the life of an ex-SLAH girl.


    Loved this post! I was going to get rid of my tea pot, but decided that I would get so much more out of it if I would just take the time to enjoy it with the boys. Good to know that your boys are enjoying it, too! :)

    Thanks for the link to the Book of Days,; that looks very interesting!

    Hey, does SLAH still sell the tidbits, I might just decide to keep the two I have and order another set. They are perfect for fruit slices, aren't they? :)

    Again, loved the post. YOu are an inspiration!

  3. what a wonderful wonderful day. I struggle with the same things you do...LOVE the Book of Days link...definitely pondering ordering it for this summer!!!!

  4. That's so sweet! I love sitting still over a snack or tea and REALLY looking into their eyes and hanging on every word they say. That's living!

  5. oh this sounds wonderful!