Saturday, September 03, 2011

My first post-partum forays in the kitchen

(This picture of my mantel has nothing to do with the post, I just don't like having a post without a picture)

One of the things that I always struggle with the most while pregnant is how my relationship changes with food. For nearly a year, as I deal with morning sickness and fatigue, cravings and aversions, my love of cooking is put on the back burner, no pun intended.

For most of this twin pregnancy, I was too exhausted to even stand up in the shower, much less go to the grocery store or prepare food. Many meals, I was too tired to even eat. Many, many meals were cold cereal, as that was the quickest, easiest thing I could find in the kitchen.

In my darker moments, I despaired that I would never again enjoy one of the things that used to bring me so much pleasure. I mourned that part of myself that was gone. So, it has been with great delight, that over the last (almost) three weeks, since giving birth, that my love for food and cooking has started to return.
First, it was just pinning recipes to my Pinterest Food Board. Then, it was my first trip to the grocery store, restocking my pantry and fridge. And today, I was back in the kitchen, preparing some quick and simple food. It felt so, so good to be back in there!! I'm taking it slow and keeping my expectations simple...caring for the twins + the 4 boys is about all I can manage right now, along with keeping the house picked up and the laundry and dishes done. We still have dear friends bringing us meals three nights a week. But I just needed to get in the kitchen and MAKE something, you know? I needed to feel some ownership over my house and my life, after so many months of relegating nearly all my responsibilities to others, during the harder months of this pregnancy.
So, I made salted caramel popcorn (I didn't like this recipe as much as the one I typically use but I loved the finishing salt) and the yummiest pizza with fresh mozzarella, caramelized onion, and topped with arugula, lightly dressed in a greek vinaigrette.
Now I am anticipating all the wonderful foods of fall and hoping, HOPING I have the energy and time to can applesauce this fall. I love to have freshly canned applesauce for when my babies are ready for table food.
So, what are you cooking these days?
And, are you on Pinterest yet?!


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I cooked this week : Gulasch ( a beef stew), Bratwurst and masched potatoes, Curry chicen and Rice, Brownies for my hubby...and i plan to cook Chillie with Cornbread today...BUT i only cook Meals that wont take more than 30 mins...otherwise someone gets cranky or bored, calling for mom for a parcifier, a bounce or hug...
    Doris :)

  2. I can so relate to your thought of needing to have "ownership" of your house/life...when I am sick or unable to manage the home, it makes me sad b/c I so love "owning it" in my home. Such satisfaction. So glad that you are doing so well and feeling like your true self again....pure gift.

  3. Anonymous8:40 AM


    I'm glad you are feeling better and getting into the kitchen. I'm doing better here at 2 wks postpartum,and we are still having meals brought to us. However, I do have a box full of veggies from our CSA that I need to do something with. You've inspired me. What is Pinterest? I haven't heard of it before.


  4. I feel the same way you did with food while pregnant. I lived off cereal and toast (not sure how babies can grow on that but they did!). I felt horrible doing it but it was all I could do to survive. The nausea and dizziness and food aversions were awful. I didn't have twins so I can't imagine how 'doubly' worse you felt. Glad I found your blog!