Monday, January 17, 2011

A List of Randoms

  • I was just looking over my 30 by 30 List (a.k.a. my bucket list), and realized I have 12 weeks until I turn 30, and have only crossed off 7 items (but the marathon was the biggest item, and it's DONE!!). I need to get busy. Speaking of the marathon, if you are a runner, and would like to read my marathon play-by-play, it is here. If you aren't a runner, you would probably rather get a root canal than read the tedium of my race, and that's cool too. ;)
  • Also, I have made my next goals for fitness and weight loss (losing those last 20 pounds is on my 30 by 30 list too). If you care, those goals are here.
  • I want to make these muffins and see if I like them better than these.
  • Itching to get my hands on this new book but am committed to reading most of these first.
  • My homeschooling mojo seems to have gotten lost during the shuffle of the holidays. It isn't that I'm tired of it, it's just that I can't seem to get back in a good groove. I will probably focus on #2, #10,  #11, #18, and #22 from the list for inspiration. Any advice welcome!
  • Related to the picture above, I would really like to have one of these little fences around my square foot gardens (which ARE going to get revived this spring, by golly!). This picture was taken at Yorktown, I believe. Colonial Williamsburg also has them and I just LOVE them. Besides, my boys have energy to spare, so I can put them to work gathering the sticks for it!


  1. Can i come over for a garden talk/playdate in the spring?!! I will help you get some gardning mojo!
    You go girl on the marathon. Honeslty i wouldn't worry to much about the other things YOU JUST RAN A MARATHON!

  2. I like that fence...easy to make, rustic beauty...Mel's Cabin could sure use it...